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For better sleep, adjust your blue light exposure correctly. More sunlight during the day and less from devices such as mobile phones close to bedtime.

This website is designed for those individuals seeking to improve upon themselves and to make "Gainz" in all areas of their life.


The purpose is to give you effective, efficient non-biased information.

What does the word "Gainz" mean

Gainz for the purpose of this website is the acquirement of something to improve upon yourself or to make your life better. For example this could be:

  • Improving your health by eating better
  • Gaining strength in the gym
  • Taking the right supplements for your desired goals
  • Becoming more productive and efficient with you time

As you can imagine making improvements no matter how small each day will have a positive knock on effect and you'll quickly realise how small changes in habits and awareness can reap great results.

Ok sounds positive, but how do I get started?

Usually this would be the point a large pop-up would appear asking for your email address, but I would first recommend spending 5-10 minutes keeping an open mind and browsing the site to get a feel for the information. If you find it useful please bookmark the website, or subscribe to my feed which will provide you updates of new information. I would love you to be part of the MyGainz community, challenging standard thoughts, ideas and progressing to be the best person you can be.

Jason at MyGainz

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I was hoping to see dead lifts and my hopes were answered...

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The 1st "separator" workout of the 2018 CrossFit open was officially unleashed. To RX or not was the questions on most people's mind.

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“I tried low carb for a week and I hated it!” - I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard this and two important issues to consider about Keto.

Keto Diaries #2 - 50 Day Experiment

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So my keto experiment has come to an end after 50 days, mainly because it is not ideal for my current goal, which I’ll explain in more detail soon...

Natural Bodybuilding Contest Preps

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A recent cross-sectional study looked into 51 UK Based competitors and the dieting strategies they used for their contest preparations. The contest in question was the BNBF Finals...

Pranayama and Meditation Workshop

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In recent years one thing I’ve learnt is just how important and underappreciated breathing is...

Keto Protein Pancakes

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A simple recipe to make tasty pancakes while sticking to the low carb, high fat ketogenic template.

Keto Diaries #1 - Why Keto?

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So after many years of eating higher carbs, I’ve decided to give the Ketogenic Diet a good run. Why?, you didn't ask, well find out...

Protein Banana / Coffee Bread

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Simple and easy to make healthier version of the classic Banana bread. Make small tweaks to suit your own tastes.

Intermittent Dieting for faster fat loss

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We all have likely dieted with the goal of fat loss and felt the negative impacts of restricting calories. Could the use of short diet breaks improve results?

High Fat / Low Carb Vs Low Fat / High Carb

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In years gone past fat was deemed the bad guy, while in recent times carbs have been taking the hits. What does the actual scientific research and real world results conclude?

Men vs Women Body fat %

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Male or Female you can get shredded and reach your desired aesthetics, but it's important to realise that men and women naturally operate at different body fat ranges.