Timing of Fish Oil (Omega-3s)
Consume fish oil (Omega-3) with a high fat meal for significantly better absorption.

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What does the word "Gainz" mean

Gainz for the purpose of this website is the acquirement of something to improve upon yourself or to make your life better. For example this could be:

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As you can imagine making improvements no matter how small each day will have a positive knock on effect and you'll quickly realise how small changes in habits and awareness can reap great results.

Ok sounds positive, but how do I get started?

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Intermittent Dieting for faster fat loss

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How long without training before I lose gains?

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Traditional vs Pyramid vs Drop sets

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Gym Gear #3 - Bluetooth Receiver / Headphones

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Most of us like listening to music while training. A bluetooth receiver allows you to get rid of the wires which can interfere with your training.

Minimal Effective Dose for Maximal Gainz

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Super Supplements #1 - Magnesium

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Protein Requirements for Bodybuilders

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Stubborn Body Fat

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First World Problems of Muscle Mass

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Starting off on your journey to Muscledom, you may of been unaware of the first world perils awaiting you.

Do Oats contain Gluten?

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You've likely seen Gluten-free oats for 5x the price on the shelf at the supermarket, but are they any better for you?