Removing Smells from Workout Clothes
Soak workout clothes in water + distilled vinegar to kill bacteria and bad smells

This website is designed for those individuals seeking to improve upon themselves and to make "Gainz" in all areas of their life.


The purpose is to give you effective, efficient non-biased information.

What does the word "Gainz" mean

Gainz for the purpose of this website is the acquirement of something to improve upon yourself or to make your life better. For example this could be:

  • Improving your health by eating better
  • Gaining strength in the gym
  • Taking the right supplements for your desired goals
  • Becoming more productive and efficient with you time

As you can imagine making improvements no matter how small each day will have a positive knock on effect and you'll quickly realise how small changes in habits and awareness can reap great results.

Ok sounds positive, but how do I get started?

Usually this would be the point a large pop-up would appear asking for your email address, but I would first recommend spending 5-10 minutes keeping an open mind and browsing the site to get a feel for the information. If you find it useful please bookmark the website, or subscribe to my feed which will provide you updates of new information. I would love you to be part of the MyGainz community, challenging standard thoughts, ideas and progressing to be the best person you can be.

Jason at MyGainz

Do Oats contain Gluten?

Category: Question

You've likely seen Gluten-free oats for 5x the price on the shelf at the supermarket, but are they any better for you?

Should I Consume Carbs during / after Workouts?

Category: Question

The results will be obvious to those well trained, however what were the latest findings on the subject of carbs around workouts?

Should I Bulk or Cut First?

Category: Question

Bulking and cutting both take time, working out which should be your priority will maximise your gainz.

Should I use caffeine / stimulants?

Category: Question

You have likely heard of and felt the performance benefits from stimulants such as caffeine, but is this wise long-term?

Can I build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Category: Question

So you want the Holy Grail of Gainz, but is it a realistic goal?

Cardio before weights? Part 2 - New Study

Category: Question

A new study was released this month (Oct 2016) in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research. Looking at the effects of cardio training performed before resistance training.

What diet is best for me?

Category: Question

Is there a way to help narrow down on a diet that works best for you? What key variables exist to help you decide?

How often should I weigh myself?

Category: Question

Should you even use the scales at all? If so is there an ideal frequency to use?

Should I do cardio before or after weights?

Category: Question

Many of us have to perform cardio and weights in the same session, but is there a benefit to the order of exercise?

Book Preview: The Power of When

Category: Blog

Preview of the book "The Power of Now". We all know timing can be key in our lives, but how much difference can it really make?

Should I train to failure?

Category: Question

Is it necessary or even beneficial to train to failure? Find out what factors should affect your decision.

Adjust your Blue Light Exposure

Category: Tip

For better sleep, adjust your blue light exposure correctly. More sunlight during the day and less from devices such as mobile phones close to bedtime.

Can I increase my metabolism?

Category: Question

Is your metabolism set in stone, or can it be improved for the better?

How many days a week should I weight train?

Category: Question

What is the realistic number of days you need to train to reach your goals?

Do I need supplements for results?

Category: Question

Are your results dependent on supplementation or can you reach your goals without them?