Removing Smells from Workout Clothes
Soak workout clothes in water + distilled vinegar to kill bacteria and bad smells

This website is designed for those individuals seeking to improve upon themselves and to make "Gainz" in all areas of their life.


The purpose is to give you effective, efficient non-biased information.

What does the word "Gainz" mean

Gainz for the purpose of this website is the acquirement of something to improve upon yourself or to make your life better. For example this could be:

  • Improving your health by eating better
  • Gaining strength in the gym
  • Taking the right supplements for your desired goals
  • Becoming more productive and efficient with you time

As you can imagine making improvements no matter how small each day will have a positive knock on effect and you'll quickly realise how small changes in habits and awareness can reap great results.

Ok sounds positive, but how do I get started?

Usually this would be the point a large pop-up would appear asking for your email address, but I would first recommend spending 5-10 minutes keeping an open mind and browsing the site to get a feel for the information. If you find it useful please bookmark the website, or subscribe to my feed which will provide you updates of new information. I would love you to be part of the MyGainz community, challenging standard thoughts, ideas and progressing to be the best person you can be.

Jason at MyGainz

Realistic costs of Healthy Nutrition

Category: Blog

Lack of money or just perceiving a goal as costing a fortune are two common excuses for not looking after your own health in the short-term, but how much does healthy nutrition actually cost?

BodyPower Recep

Category: Blog

The minute entering you could feel the energy in the air and general excitement, part of it is that you never really know who you might stumble into at each stall or even just walking around.

BodyPower Soon

Category: Blog

If you've never heard of Michelle Lewin, Simeon Panda, Phil Heath and Kai Greene then this event would be the equivalent of just walking around a waarehouse full of super buff, semi naked employees.

No pain, no gain

Category: Myth

There seems to be this image that exercise has to also be punishment and leave you in a sweaty mess on the floor afterwards for it to be effective. The truth is ...

Coffee Nap

Category: Tip

Drink a cup of coffee before taking a short nap (15-30 mins), arise super recharged.

Increase post-workout digestion

Category: Tip

Take a digestive enzyme complex with a post workout shake / meal to aid with digestion and nutrient utilisation.

Ideal sleeping temperature

Category: Tip

The ideal temperature for a room to sleep in is 18 to 21 degrees Celsius.