In a recent study they looked at what effects taking 2 weeks off training would make to a group of 20 young men with at least 1 year of training exp.

The breakdown was as follows:

4 weeks training

2 weeks break

4 weeks training

Weight Training:

4 days per week (2 upper / 2 lower)

3 sets x 10 reps (75%)

2 mins rest

Parameters checked:

Leg press strength

Cross Sectional area of the quad

Lean Mass
Fat Mass


In a nutshell they found that there was no significant loss in muscle mass or strength after taking 2 weeks off training.


This study was done on young men and only assessed strength using the Leg Press.


Ideally you will have planned deload periods in your training already. Next time you need to take some time off weight training whether it be planned or not, ultimately try not to stress too much. You won’t lose all them gainz after 1-2 weeks away. Obviously there’s a world of difference between 2 weeks resting and 2 weeks partying in Las Vegas.

Continue to eat healthy, sleep well and may want to adjust your calories/macros to suit.

What I have noticed with 1-2 weeks off the gym is that my strength does usually maintain, the only difference is that I have more DOMS after a workout.

Who knows perhaps you’ll finally give your body the rest it needed and come back stronger.