The CrossFit experiment continues. I’m planning to make my 1st ever 5 Crossfit WODs to be the 5 Crossfit open workouts to see if I can get through all of them.

18.2 Workout

The 2nd (18.2) workout consisted of 2 parts


Ascending ladder

Dumbbell squats (50lb men, 35lb women) - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Barbell Facing Burpees - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

If you completed this within 12 minutes, any remaining time was allowed for


1 Rep max clean

My Goals

Going into this I had no idea what my one rep max for the clean, but did have time beforehand to get a few practice lifts in.

The goal was to get under 10 mins for part 1 and then get at least 90kg on the clean.

The Workout

My legs were actually on fire especially doing the burpees. The workout sounds so easy on paper, but seriously try it for yourself. I’ve done things such as 20 rep squats before, but on the burpees my legs felt like they had turned into cement by the last round. Then after you collapse on the floor to catch your breath, you’re realise you’re eating into your time to complete your 1RM clean.


End result was a lot better than expected:

8:18 for Part 1

110KG Clean

The 110KG Clean was basically a barbell curl as I need more practice and confidence getting under the bar. Doing anything near your 1RM on any type of olympic style lift is nerve-racking and largely a mind game, you have to 100% commit to it, otherwise you’re f00ked! and potentially going to have a lot of weight falling on you!

Very happy with the progress made. Whatever people think of Crossfit, it is great fun, very challenging and super social.

Time to get practicing the muscle ups and double unders. They’ll be coming in one of the next workouts! Until next weekend….