Week number 4 of the CrossFit open saw what looked on paper a great fun workout. I'd been hoping for deadlifts all along, but had no idea how I'd get on with the other exercises in the workout.

So my 4th ever WOD was to be the 18.4 open workout of:

For time:
21 deadlifts, 225 lb.
21 handstand push-ups
15 deadlifts, 225 lb.
15 handstand push-ups
9 deadlifts, 225 lb.
9 handstand push-ups
21 deadlifts, 315 lb.
50-ft. handstand walk
15 deadlifts, 315 lb.
50-ft. handstand walk
9 deadlifts, 315 lb.
50-ft. handstand walk

Time cap: 9 min

Initial thoughts

This was more of a strength based workout, so I was really happy when it was first announced. However virtually everyone I saw was posting lower scores than I anticipated, so I knew it must of been harder in practice.

How it went

The deadlift is probably my best lift and as such, 225 and even 315 were over a 100kg below my 1RM. The big struggle in this workout was always going to be the handstand push ups. One thing I've noticed in CrossFit is once an upper body muscle fatigues you are screwed, as you have no time to rest and recover.

1st 21 deadlifts were no issue, and I then broke up the sets of handstand push ups into 3-4reps. The hard part about this work out was the 9 minute cap, which meant you had no time to rest and recover any energy.
By the 2nd set of HSPU I was starting to fatigue and hit 2-3 no reps, which really screw with your rhythm.


I was aiming to get 70+ reps and managed to get 81, so all in all I was happy. I would of just loved to get through the last set of HSPU and onto the heavier deadlifts.

Again, great to see people getting their 1st ever hand stand push ups.

Let's see what 18.5 has in store. I'm guessing something crazy!

Coach Jay