One day after the Bodypower 2016 Saturday event, I sit here feeling compelled to give a quick recap my experience of this years event.

Firstly I made the rookie mistake of not being able to charge my phone properly in my car, so was unable to get all the photos I wanted, but in some ways it made the day a bit more relaxing and in the moment as I could pay better attention to all that was going. and the general public


Showing up around 12 midday, we was able to get in straight away with no queue, as you can imagine at this time the event was really packed and in full swing. The minute entering you could feel the energy in the air and general excitement, part of it is that you never really know who you might stumble into at each stall or even just walking around. As always the amount of flesh on display is entertaining and the whole carnival freak show atmosphere is in full effect the whole time you're there.

On his way to f**k yo b***h


Having gone before in 2015 I must admit it was a little underwhelming returning as once you've been to the event before, it's pretty much the same experience the next time. In my opinion it was also over crowded at times and harder to see or get access to some of the fitness world royalty. Obviously this is hard to get around, the more popular the event gets, the more crowded and longer the queues will become. I do commend those who were queuing up for hours to see their idols.

One of the things I do really like about the event and I think this was expanded upon this year was the inclusion of the general public which the numerous stands and shows. For example there was again the UKBFF bodybuilding show, numerous competitions such as pull up challenges, cross fit games, strong man competitions and other stands where the average joe could either watch or compete in.

One of the many displays of athleticism


Some of the famous faces spotted:

  • Steve Cook
  • Hany Rambod
  • Kevin Levrone
  • Sergi Constance
  • Jeff Seid
  • Ben Coomber
  • Paige Hathaway
  • Ronnie Coleman (my personal highlight, good to see the legend back on his feet after recent surgeries, "lightweight, lightweight!!")
Kevin Levrone
Kevin Levrone - Olympia Return??


So what did we buy? I personally was quite reserved this year as most fitness equipment I already have, but I did get:

  • Some much needed liquid chalk
  • Protein cookies for my upcoming holiday to Morocco
  • Many free samples
  • Blackroll duoball foam roller (I love a good massage tool!)
"My goodies, not your goodies"


All in all it was another well organised event by BodyPower and many congratulations for doing such a great job all round, I can only assume the event will become bigger year after year, if possible the only thing I'd like to see next year when I no doubt go again is a little more innovation and new experiences from the previous events.

Jay out.