So it's that time of year again where literally every famous face in the world of fitness gather in one place in Birmingham, England for the Bodypower expo 2016. If you've never heard of Michelle Lewin, Simeon Panda, Phil Heath and Kai Greene then this event would be the equivalent of just walking around a waarehouse full of super buff, semi naked employees. However if you're like myself and fitness is a huge part of your life this is one of the highlight of the year.

Last year was shockingly my first time going, and I have no idea why it took me so long, especially for someone who's lived the fitness lifestyle for so many years. If you're interested in this world it should be a no brainer as you'll return super motivated to reach your own fitness goals, and likely come home with a 1-2 new treats or gadgets to keep you entertained until the next event.

If you follow/stalk some of these fitness peeps online, it can be very surreal to then see them all in person at the same time, as you can imagine, some people look amazing online and even more impressive in real life and then you obviously get the other end of the specturm where a few "athletes" are pretty unimpressive face to face.
When you're standing 2 feet away from current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath and see for example the size of his calves popping out under his shorts or the size of Rich Piana arms, it's hard not to double take. These are some of the freakiest, most standout physiques in the world. 


Gun show
Rich Piana and Bradley Martyn


Just walking around is almost carnival freak show like at times with the amount of muscle on show, and speaking as a man rarely will you have the chance to see so many world class bootys in one room (get those perving sunglasses at the ready!). Aside from seeing the world class physiques on show and being able to interact with some of them (many have queues I'm too inpatient to wait around in), another highlight of the day for myself is the food and gadget stands. 
For example on one side you'll have the Musclefood stand cooking up all kinds of new protein treats, and then on the other side you'll see some new fitness gadgets you never knew existed.


One of the many seminars featuring describing difference between a Fitness Model (Tom Coles) and a Bodybuilder


I actually purchased tickets last December for tomorrow's event and as you can tell I'm excited to go again this year. I'll be posting some pics and giving a quick review over the weekend, so check back in to see this.