Now if you’ve been in bulk mode half your life and have substantially increased your muscle mass, you can probably relate to at least a few of these.

The larger you are, the more pronounced the problems can be.

1. Stretch marks

Especially around the shoulders and hips

2. Chaffing

Killer if you have large thighs

3. Modern fashion is not designed for you

Skinny fit is only for the “do you even lift” or “skips leg day” crowd

4. Clothes that would look fine on a non lifter, look revealing on you

“Bro did you see the ass on that”. “Look at him trying to show off the guns”

5. Certain flexibility becomes physical impossibility

Yes you might still be able to do the splits, but you can forget some of those other yoga moves you’ve seen about. Muscle can not be moved through other muscle

6. Sports you used to be good at are now an injury waiting to happen

It’s a lot easier to change direction quickly and not snap your shit up when you’re 150lbs than when you’re 220lbs

7. People assume you have no life or are less intelligent

“You work in I.T.? I assumed you smashed rocks for a living”

8. You get hot easier

With that additional mass and metabolism you’ll likely be the 1st person to break into a sweat in any situation

9. You breathe heavier all the time

This is only really an issue once you become huge

10. Your physique becomes your defining characteristic

Nicknames such as “Big Steve” or “Arnie” beckon

11. You get (somewhat) unwanted attention

Women get men leering / commenting at the gym. Men also get other men leering / commenting at the gym :o

12. People will “Neg” you to make up a reason for not being more healthy themselves

“You must live in the gym!”, “ah chicken and rice again?!”, “Live a little and have one of my cookies, it’s my birthday!”

13. Due to training a lot and pushing your limits, you are generally either sore, tired or hungry at any given time of the day

Usually a combination of the above

Add your own 1st world problems in the comments below and share your first world pains...