Who doesn't love pancakes! When made with more natural ingredients that can easily become a daily staple meal. As always I try to keep ingredients to a minimum while retaining taste.

For those eating a low carb or Keto diet it's quite simple to make some alterations. When eating keto the main concern is to keep carbs to a minimum and also keep the ratio of fats higher than protein.


a. Replace flour / oats with Almond flour. Coconut flour does not work as well in my opinion as it is very dry and absorbs a tonne of moisture.

b. Replace dairy milk with almond or hemp milk. Not only does this remove lactose and therefore sugar content.

c. Replace banana with cream cheese to give better moisture to the pancakes. Please note that cream cheese is almost flavourless and does not make the pancake "cheesey" in any way.

MyGainz Ingredients:

2 Whole Eggs

75g Almond Flour

30g Cream Cheese

50-100ml Almond / Hemp milk

15g Whey Protein (vanilla or banana works well)

Pinch Baking powder

1g Cinnamon

Optional ingredients to mix in:

Dark chocolate

Chopped nuts

Chopped frozen berries


1. Pre-heat 1 or 2 pans on medium heat (I use a teppanyaki style grill)

2. Put the eggs, almond flour, cream cheese and whey protein into a bowl and mix together with a spoon

3. Slowly add around 50-100ml of your milk of choice until the consistency is that of thick custard

4. Pour the mixture into pans and flip once the mixture starts to lightly bubble on top


8g Carbs

60g Fat  

47g Protein

776 Calories

Keto Pancake Macros