Hello Joe,

Before we start I would like to say this article will be based on theoretical numbers and examples used to illustrate a common problem in the world of fitness. If you are female please replace “Joe” with “Jane” ;).

Have you ever read an article based on scientific proof and solid reasoning but still doubted or even ignored the findings as you know of someone who has succeeded doing almost the exact opposite? The chances are you have and it’s the topic of this article.

You, I and 90%+ of all other people that read this will likely fall into the average joe category, we may be slightly above or below the mean but we are not exceptional. Then we have the exceptions, Super Joe and Poor Joe, the top 5% and bottom 5% respectively.

Now if we look at how this relates to our fitness goals, lets assume some examples:

Poor Joe (exception)

  • below average genetics
  • slow metabolism
  • poor recovery capacity
  • highly stressed lifestyle
  • poor sleep patterns
  • several untreated and unknown food allergies

Average Joe

  • average genetics
  • normal metabolism
  • reasonable recovery ability
  • occasionally stressed but manageable
  • averages 6-7 hours sleep each night
  • 1 mild food allergy

Super Joe (exception)

  • genetically gifted
  • fast metabolism
  • can tolerate very high volume training without overtraining
  • stress free lifestyle
  • sleeps soundly with regular sleep patterns, wakes up refreshed each morning
  • zero food allergies
  • maybe taking performance enhancing drugs

Now take a look at all the top fitness models, bodybuilders, power lifters, basically all the guys that people want to question for their “secret” methods and these are virtually all Super Joe’s in one way or another. The guy you see grinning on the front of the fitness magazine with his “effortless abs in 6 weeks” is the guy who can train everyday for 2 hours, throw in endless cardio sessions and still manage to recover while in a calorie deficit.

The guy boasting about his 500lb benchpress, just happens to have the physical mechanics (short arms, barrel chested and neglects to inform you of the steroid use), that allow such impressive weight. Or even worse the ripped guy with the master’s degree in bro science who walks around the gym dispensing bro bombs, “sup brah, you should hunch your back more during that deadlift”.

The point is they are not like you and I, they are the exceptions, yet these are the people getting paid to dispense their knowledge, training programs and more often than not some bs “new and improved” supplement for the eager average joe to finally lose those love handles and revel in the abundant ladies that follow.

As you can clearly see average joe despite his intentions and commitment is doomed to failure following a program prescribed for super joe.

Yet for whatever reasons, typically ego (no one wants to admit they’re average), and sometimes it is just lack of previous experience. Average joe will ensue on an endless cycle of switching from one super joe program to the next before falling into old habits and giving up.

Ok so we’ve identified a common problem, but what the f**k is the solution you’re thinking. It’s back to basics, keep things simple, stop trying to be a hero and realise that getting into the best shape you can will require not only physical effort, but also the heavy use of common sense.

Be honest and self aware about your current level and find an approach designed for your experience, do not try to skip ahead as you’ll nearly always pay the price in the long run and only find yourself back at square one.

Steady, manageable progress should be your goal, working on both your strengths and weaknesses. Small attainable goals / landmarks will keep motivation and by slowly introducing positive habits, there is very little you can’t significantly improve.

Stay positive, patient and live each day with purpose and priority.

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