Cost: £10-60


How to use:

My receiver / headphones has been one of the best gym purchases I’ve ever made. Most people training by themselves seem to prefer to listen to music while training, which is completely understandable. Not only has it been shown to help with potential boredom, there are also motivational and performance benefits from listen to your favourite tunes.

Simply turn on your bluetooth on your phone, and then switch on the receiver. Clip the receiver somewhere convenient such as your t-shirt collar or shoulder strap. Most receivers will have playback buttons (play, pause, previous / next songs), or control from your phone.

Then play any songs you like from your phone as normal. I personally use Spotify.


  • No wires getting in the way of your training

  • Easier to control song playback using the built in controls

  • No more arm straps needed to hold your phone


  • The receiver / headphones requires charging (by cable provided)

  • Need to keep your phone within a certain range (usually around 10 meters)

Do you use a wireless receiver? If so which is the best one you've found?