Liquid Chalk

Cost: £5-7

Supplier: Most fitness / supplement stores

How to use: a small pea size drop rubbed into the palm will work for most people

One of the most useful products you can have with you in the gym. Doing any sort of lift with sweaty palms is going to affect your grip and ultimately the stability of the lift. While some gyms do not allow normal chalk, liquid chalk is pretty much mess free, and washes off easily afterwards.

Many gloves are too thick and actually make it more difficult to grip the bar, the most natural feel to lift with is your bare hands with a little liquid chalk to help the palms stay dry. Using liquid chalk can allow you to rely less on straps and help slowly increase grip strength over time.


  • One bottle can last many months

  • Improve grip and safety of lifts

  • Better grip = more weight = more gainz


  • Can leave hands dry and need moisturising afterwards

Let me know if you use this gym gear or anything else you find essential to your training.