Cost: £6-10

Example: Barbell clamps from Amazon

How to use: Slide onto bar and press the clamp clip down

A lot of gyms still use those awful metal clips, most of which don’t even fit or hold the weight in place. I almost look in disbelief when I see people lifting heavy weights especially deadlifts, squats and benchpress where the weights have shifted several inches. Most of the time you’ll get away with it, but if you have to change your technique mid lift due to the centre of balance changing, it’s going to increase your chances of injury. Considering virtually everyone that trains often, over many years will get injured at some point, anything you can do to reduce this should be taken.

Yes some advanced people do not use clips in the event they get stuck in a lift and can rotate the bar to dump off the weights. However most lifters would be better off lifting within your limits or finding a suitable spotter.

I would highly suggest if your gym does not have suitable barbell clips to invest in a pair of barbell clamps. Not only do they save time as they’re super quick to get on and off, but they also allow zero movement of the weight. They can also help stop weight plates rotating for lifts such as barbell curls (if this is an issue for you)


  • Cheap

  • Quicker to use than normal metal clips

  • Do not move around at all

  • Improve safety of heavy lifts


  • Easy to forget behind after a lift

Let me know if you use this gym gear or anything else you find essential to your training.