This is something I heard recently and I'm amazed such myths even still exists, but it does seem like this myth is rightfully dying out.

The original basis for this had to do with an incorrect assumption that fluctuating hormone levels during the day, made it advantageous eating more carbs early in the day and avoiding them at night. The real truth is there is evidence to support that the best time to eat carbohydrates for health and body composition is the evenings!, such eating strategies as Carb Back Loading take full advantage of this. Carbs are useful in the evenings in that they help production of serotonin which promotes relaxation and potentially falling asleep easier. Also if you train later in the day carbohydrates help blunt cortisol after training sessions.

Whatever food timing strategy you use, calories in/out and overall macronutrients will still rule, but do not avoid or fear eating your carbs in the evenings as you will not gain any benefit.