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Jay's Biography

Who am I?

Welcome to my page, I'm Jason by name, but to most I go by the name of Jay or JJ.

I currently work as both a web developer and personal trainer, both of which I enjoy, however my ultimate goal is to help people both locally one on one and across the world online in the pursuit of health of fitness. To me one's health is crucial to setting down a foundation for which to live life to it's full potential. The human body is fascinating to me and it's true when people say it is the greatest thing you will ever own, as such it should be a top priority in everyone's life.

Jay headshot

The best thing about being fit, healthy and energetic is that it benefits not only the individual but everyone else also. Just think of some of the universal benefits if more people made their health a higher priority, such as:

  • Reduced obesity and illness
  • More energetic and capable parents, friends, partners, workers...
  • Less health care costs which could be spent on other areas
  • Losing less loved ones to preventable illnesses

Fitness Background

Like many of you reading this my background in health and fitness is full of mistakes, failures, experimenting and successes. From the age of 11-12 I remember doing pushups and crunches everyday and was obsessed with football, practicing everyday often by myself. This instilled an exercise and dedication habit I still have to this day.

At age 15 I suffered a cruciate ligament knee injury, and was put on a year waiting list for surgery. So I learnt and studied injury rehabilation and was weight training to restore proper function, fortunately I was able to avoid surgery. I fell in love with weight training and the changes it was having on my physique, however at the time I was still very naive and was primarily a fitness magazine reader and I wasted a lot of time jumping from programme to programme and my results were limited.

Funnily enough 2003 saw the release of the well known fitness DVDs p90x, equipped with these and some adjustable dumbbells I stuck with the same programme consistently and made good progress with my physique. This served the lesson of the importance of having a plan, consistency and a little faith.

This was also the time I made my most important discovery, the teaching of real fitness experts such as Lyle Mcdonald, Charles Poliquin, Alan Aragon and Christian Thibaudeau to name a few. Through their expertise and experiences I was able to progress rapidly in my own knowledge and physique. Having a high quality workout programme and nutrition plan meant that I was able to go from around 79Kg to 89Kg with minimal fat gain

Over the last 10 years I have daily read, experimented and helped others with health and fitness advice, as mentioned guided by some of the top minds in this area. One of the most important things learnt is that the old saying "the more you know, the less you realise you know" is very applicable to the human body.

Obstacle course racing

Health and fitness is an absolute passion of mine and deeply ingrained in my core and I have no doubt it will remain that way the rest of my life. So in the year of 2015 I decided to take professional qualifications more seriously and became fully qualified to be a personal trainer. My goal is to help as many people as possible realise that good health is not an elusive of selfish pursuit.

In the year 2016 I embarked on my first bodybuilding show as a natural athlete for which I coached myself and continue to learn everyday new and exciting information. I look forward to what this industry has instore in the future.

Bodybuilding onstage

Education and Qualifications

I studied Computer studies at college (2003) and computer graphics at University (2005). I have since qualified as a personal in the year of 2015.

10 GCSE's A-C
HND - Computer Studies
BSc - Computer Graphics
Personal Training
REPs Level 2 and 3


Yearly ~87-91Kg, 10% Bodyfat
Competition ~82-83Kg, 5% Bodyfat